Fusion Marketing Ideas

Fusion Marketing is the practice of teaming up with other businesses in a mutually beneficial way.

There are two main types of businesses you should actively seek partnerships with:

1) Businesses that serve the same target market you do.
2) Businesses that are close by you.

This section contains an assortment of ideas to partner with other businesses in unique ways.

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Advertising Clubs

Organize an advertising club consisting of non-competing businesses that want to split the cost of advertising in a mutually beneficial way. Our agency partnered with a number of local businesses and took the entire centerfold of the local paper.

We received a lot more advertising space each than we could paying separately. Our collective buying power helped us get a great price. As a bonus, we made some great contacts with many of the members of the group.



Offer to trade products, services, or something else in exchange for advertising opportunities.



Create a Bundle consisting of your product/service and the products and services of other businesses. Each of you carries the bundle in their store to expose each other's products and services to new groups of customers. Think about “Dinner and a Show” packages movie theatres and restaurants often offer.

This idea can work great with three or more businesses as well.


Carry Each Others Products

Stock another businesses products, and ask that they stock some of your products in exchange.



Have a complementary businesses give away freebees or coupons for your business to their customers. They benefit from giving away something of added value, and you benefit from new customers. Or vice-versa.

The business giving away can even incorporate the freebee into their advertising or sales message as a limited time promotion they are running.


Exchange Services

Provide services for each other at cost. Publicize that you use each others services exclusively, and exchange testimonials about how great the other company is.


Fusion Internet Marketing

Contact website owners in your industry, in a complimentary industry, or who serve a similar target market, and offer to partner with them in a mutually beneficial way.


Joint Events

Throw a joint sale, event, tradeshow, or exhibition with several other complementary businesses


Joint Ventures

Create a joint venture with another businessperson or business. This could involve creating a joint brand that combines your businesses into a third entity, or writing a joint ebook, newsletter, magazine, or other publication that will appeal to both of your target markets.


Hand Outs

Ask another business to include a hand-out in each shopping bag promoting your business, and do the same for them.


Offer Kickbacks

Offer a referral fee to business owners whose customers are the people you are looking for. For example, a website design agency could offer a referral bonus to a print shop that sent local business owners to them for a new website.


Participate in Draws/Silent Auctions

Donate your product, or a teaser version of your service, for charity raffles, chamber of commerce draws, events at local associations, and other auctions or prize giveaways around town.

They’ll have something to give away, and you’ll build some awareness for your company.


Partner with Charities

Help a charity with their fundraising efforts in exchange for free marketing. Charities produce newsletters, host events, and can provide you with access to advertise to their members.

It’s not tough to place a jar in your store or office with a charities name on it. It will also help you establish some goodwill amongst people who support the cause


Personal Introductions

Exchange personal introductions to large clients with another business.



Promotional Materials

Place sales materials such as brochures, coupons, posters, or advertisements in each others store, office, or waiting room.

Our website design agency did this with a local computer store. They offered to stock some of our brochures at their counter and we gave them some ideas to improve their website. We got quite a few new customers out of this arrangement.


Purchasing Power

Team up with a related but non-competing business to purchase items in bulk, and increase your negotiating power with suppliers.


Referral Partners

Exchange clients with complementary businesses.


Sampling Arrangements

Have complementary businesses give away free samples of your product to their customers.


Share Access to Customer Databases

Send an e-mail to your entire customer base recommending a complementary business, and have them do the same for you.


Share Advertising

Direct mailers can be expensive to send out. Why not take one side and have a complimentary business take the other side. That way you split the cost and pay half price for your mailers. Almost any advertising space can be split among two businesses to save money.


Sidewalk Sales

Team together with a group of businesses in your area to host a "Sidewalk Sale".

Rent a bouncy house and a face-painter to really draw in the families if that is your target market. If your market is an older crowd, join together to split the costs of some entertainers or bands to show up for the day.


Store Credits

Ask another business to offer a credit of X dollars to your store when a customer at their store spends over Y dollars. They get bigger purchases, and you get new customers.


Trade Advertising Space

Trade advertising space in your store or office with a business that targets a similar target market.


Relationship Building

Build relationships with business owners that have a similar target market. That relationship will help you convince them to give you access to their customers – sometimes for free.


Work with Competitors

Building relationships with competitors can make sense. They may have clients that require services they can’t provide that you can, and vice versa.

Before you designate another business a competitor, carefully analyze them to determine whether there are any opportunities to partner in a mutually beneficial way.


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