Marketing Materials

The following is a list of marketing materials your business should always have on hand.

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Banner Ad

Create a few digital banner ads you can give out to people who want to link to your website.


Benefit List

Create a benefit list that highlights every way a customer will come out ahead by doing business with you. Knowing these benefits by heart will come in handy in networking and sales situations. It is also a great thing to be able to reference while you are creating advertisements or press releases.

Turn your benefit list into a sales device you can hand-out to potential customers. Nothing sells like a list of ways the prospect will win by doing business with you.  



If your business involves a lot of paperwork, have some custom binders printed by your local print shop.


Branded Holiday Card Template

Create a Christmas and/or Birthday card template with your company logo and website URL included somewhere on the card. When December rolls around you’ll be happy you have this, and if you log your customer’s birthdays you will have something nice to send out to them.



Design a brochure which highlights the benefits of doing business with you. On the front, keep it clean and focus on the primary difference between you and your competition, or tell readers how you can make their lives better.



Create a catalog that lists all of the products and services you sell. Catalogs are great upselling tools. Having a catalog gives you an easy way to show your customers what else they can buy from you.

It doesn’t need to be a book. A brochure format, or even just a piece of paper, can often do the job.


CD / DVD Label

If your business plans to use CD’s or DVD’s in any capacity be sure to create a professional label. Even if you will mainly be using them in house, it will look much more professional when a customer happens to see them.



Build some checklists you can send out to either warm prospects or your new customers. The checklists should upsell additional products and services the prospect may not have purchased.


Company Clothing (Jackets, Hats, Shirts)

Wearing branded company apparel at networking functions can help you generate more leads and referrals. When a person who is interested in your product/service knows before talking to you what industry you are in, they’ll be more likely to reveal themselves to you because they know you share a common interest.

You’ll also avoid having to constantly tell people what you do. Everybody who speaks to you will know what company you run. They will be more likely to bring up your work naturally in conversation, saving you from having to do it.

Give some out to your employees for extra advertising exposure.


Custom Envelops

If your business uses the mail frequently, have custom envelops printed to give your mail a professional look



Create a flyer promoting your business. This one should never wait because you’ll pass by at least one bulletin board you could post it on each week, if not more. If you haven’t made one yet then each bulletin you pass is a lost opportunity.


E-mail Template

Create a professional e-mail template for your business. Include a link to your website in the header and/or footer.



Nothing is more effective at getting passers-by to take notice of you than a giant inflatable version of your product.



Create a professional letterhead for your business that fits into your company’s branding. Include a link to your website in the header and/or footer.



Create some magnetic business cards for your business. Give them out to customers, and leave a couple on your car when you are out which people can take if they are interested in what you sell.



Place a poster in your storefront to draw traffic in off the street. Put some inside your business to upsell your high mark-up items. Trade posters with another local business owners that serves a similar target market to your own.



Power Point Presentation

The day may come when you get offered a speaking arrangement. If you think that day will come eventually, get ready for it early by creating a power point presentation. That way, you have plenty of time to think about and improve it in advance, rather than having to rush it the night before.

Upload it to, and you may even get a few leads from it.


Presentation Folders

Show up to your next presentation with a professional presentation folder containing your company branding. Custom-branded folders are available from your local print shop for $2-$4 a piece.



Prepare a few reports you can give out to warm prospects. Good reports highlight why the prospect needs your service.


Retractable Banners

Professionally designed posters that can be moved easily, and have a more professional look than traditional posters.


Sales Letters

Create a series of sales letters promoting your products and services. Don’t just write one general one. Create an individual one for each product/service you offer, or for each target market you serve.


Sandwich Board

These aren’t just for restaurants. Local bylaws generally allow each business to place a sandwich board in front of their business listing the services they provide. Check your local bylaws, and you may find out that you are missing out on a free signage opportunity by not having one.



If you are just starting out, or your sign looks more than five years old, you should put a lot of thought into your sign. Your sign should clearly convey what you do, use colors that are in style rather than dated ones, and include your website URL. Space permitting, it should feature either a short sentence summarizing how you improve peoples lives, or what makes you different from competitors.


Standing Banners

AKA Retractable banners, these are generally six to eight feet tall customized banners, and are often portable.

These are great in your store for enhancing your branding, upselling additional products and services, or drawing attention to a special offer or promotion.

Because of their size and portability, they also make great additions to tradeshow displays, and can be sent to events you sponsor.



Get some stickers printed of your logo, business name, and website URL in various sizes. Get a few large stickers printed that you can place in your window and wall. Give some out to children who visit your business.


Tradeshow Booth Display/Materials

Before you book your next tradeshow, spend some time thinking about how you will make your booth stand out, and what type of sales materials you will offer people when they visit your booth.


Video Brochure

Create a video brochure to give out to hot prospects.


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