Marketing Resources

The following is a list of online and offline marketing resources to help you learn more about marketing.

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Advertising Associations

Join a local advertising association. This is a great way to meet potential Fusion Marketing partners.


College Courses

Take a Marketing course at a local college.


Marketing Magazines

Subscribe to a marketing magazine. These are a great alternative to marketing books because the articles are short reads you can easily fit into your limited spare time.


Marketing Seminar

If you’re too busy to take a college course, try to make time for at least one or two marketing seminars each month. Make a resolution to go to at least X marketing seminars a month, and check at the end of each month to see if you hit your goal.


Expand Your Day

Go to bed late and wake up early. Spend the last hour of your night and the first hour of your day learning something new.


Free Newsletters

Subscribe to a marketing newsletter.



Seek out and network with people who have marketing skills. Ask lots of questions.


Online Forums

Forums are excellent sources of free marketing knowledge. They can be better than books because, unlike books, you get opinions and counter-opinions. Books offer the authors opinion only, and there is nobody to challenge the statements they make.

Forums are also more timely than books. This is critical in some industries such as Internet marketing, where search engines algorithms change on a daily basis, and information can be out of date between the time the information was written and published.



Record Yourself

Record yourself on your next cold call. You’ll learn a lot by listening to yourself selling.



Train your staff in upselling techniques, marketing, and customer service techniques. Hire staff members that have knowledge you want the rest of your staff to learn. Reward staff members who study marketing in their spare time.


Study Businesses in Your Industry

Study businesses in your industry that are across the country. They are using marketing tactics that could be used by you to outmanoeuvre your local competition.


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