Offline Website Promotion Ideas

These ideas will help you identify places to promote your website offline.

Promoting your website offline aggressively can be a great strategy if you offer something of value on your website that people will refer their friends to, or if your website is set up to really sell what you are offering.

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Answering Machine

Place your website URL on your answering machine message.


Business Cards

Put your website address on your business card. Most people like to check you out first before they start doing business with you.



Run a contest which involves visiting your website.

For example, post the contest rules on your website, so people have to visit your website before participating. Set up a second visit by having people check the results of the contest on your website.


Don’t Promote the Website, Promote what’s on it.

Offer tips, FAQ’s, articles, tools, advice, and other resources on your website. If your online resources are valuable to your target market they’ll refer their friends as well.


E-mail Signature

Be sure to add your website address to your e-mail signature. It’s also a good idea to add you’re a Facebook icon which links to your businesses Facebook account. Other social media links, such as Twitter, are also useful. Give people a range of ways to connect with your business online.



Place your website address on your employee’s nametags or uniforms.



Host or sponsor an event and design a banner with your website address on it. Have it featured prominently at the event.


External Posters

Place a poster that has your website URL on it in your store or office window for passers-by to see.


Fun With Projectors

Use a projector and project your website URL onto the building across the street (with your neighbors permission of course...). The sidewalk may be a better option for many businesses.



Place a hand-out promoting your website in each customer’s shopping bag, or with the receipt or invoice you provide to the customer.


Incentivize Customers to Visit Your Website

Offer some type of prize or discount to customers that visit your website and perform some type of activity (for example, submitting their name and e-mail address through a form), or filling out a short survey.


Internal Posters

Have a poster printed with your website address and the main benefit a customer receives by visiting your website. Post it inside your store to drive your customers to your website.


Keep Them Coming Back

Offer periodic limited time special offers that are only announced through your website to make people check your website routinely to see if the special offer is on.



Your company letterhead should have a prominent space dedicated to your website address, and a benefit the reader will receive from visiting it.


Mobile Hand-Outs for Networking Situations

Design a small hand-out you can take with you which explains the benefits a person receives from visiting your website, and give it to any prospective customers you meet.


On Products

Print your website's URL on a sticker, and attach that sticker directly onto your products, or on any papers that come with your product/service


On Your Vehicle

Place your website URL and one benefit for visiting it on the back and/or side of your vehicle. A good reason to visit will double or triple the hits you get off this method.


Host an Event

Place your website link on branded company pens. Many businesses get custom pens designed, and forget to put their website address on them.


Press Releases

Release a press release about your new website, or a new feature you’ve just added. Submit that press release to online press release distribution websites


Product Packaging/Shopping Bags

Be sure to include a link to your website on your product packaging (if applicable), or on the shopping bags you give out.


Reactivate Your Customer Base

Mail a letter to all of your current and past customers informing them you have a new website, a new feature on your website, or a special offer on your website.


Store/Office Banner

Hang a nice prominent banner in your store or office with your website address on it. Better yet, hang one outside your store where passers-by can see it.


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