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These press release ideas will help your business get free media exposure. This section contains dozens of ways to get your business picked up by media outlets.

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Acts of Goodwill

A story about how you have helped somebody in your community can draw favorable attention to you and your business.



Being nominated for, or receiving, an award.


Brand New Product or Service

The introduction of a new product/service can make a great press release. Highlight what makes the product unique and different from others on the market. Show how those differences benefit the consumer.


Business Deals

For example, a new distribution agreement with a major retailer such as Walmart or Costco.


Business Expansions

Expansion to a new city, state, or country. The opening of your first (or 100th) franchised location.


Business Profile

How your business has adapted to recent industry changes.


Celebrity Use of Your Product

A celebrity using or endorsing your product. Local celebrities or even well-known members of the community can also work here. A local children’s author using your product in a way that helps them sell more books could be considered newsworthy in your city.


Charity/Community Work

Anything involving supporting a charity or community work makes a great press release.


Company Milestones

A grand opening or reopening. Your company’s 10th anniversary. Since these are all about you be sure to work hard to answer the question every reader will ask “So what?”.


Completion of Work for Large Customer

When your work is ready for public use, write a joint press release with that customer which highlights the work you’ve done for them.



Winning a local or national contest or competition.


Debunk a Statement Made in a Movie

Did a movie or television show get a detail about your industry wrong?

They did in Finding Nemo, when they said “all pipes lead to the Ocean” while leaving out the small detail that chemicals and filters grind everything in the pipe to a pulp.

A company that designs those systems managed to make it onto FOX news by issuing a press release warning kids not to attempt to free their pets that way.


Expert Advice

Create a list of tips, tricks, or strategies. Use quotes throughout the article to position yourself and your company as an authority in your industry.


Expose a Myth

Expose a myth about your industry. Weigh in as an expert by explaining why the myth is false.


Expose a Scam

Expose an industry scam and talk about how your product/service protects people from being taken advantage of.



Anything you give away for free that others don’t – even a limited time freebie.


Fusion Marketing

How you’ve partnered with other local businesses in unique and mutually beneficial way. Local media outlets like stories about businesses working together in unique ways. This works best in cities under 100,000 people. It needs to be a very unique partnership if you’re in a larger city.


Hot Topic: Going Green

Anything your company is doing to protect the environment. Going green is a very hot topic right now.


Hot Topic: The Recession

Anything you do that helps people or businesses prosper during a recession.


Industry Trends

Give your thoughts on a current trend in your industry. Proactively contact media outlets, and let them know you are available to comment on any stories related to your industry.


Large New Customer

Announce the acquisition of a large account


Market Research Results

Conduct a customer survey, and publish the findings as a press release. Talk about how your company is responding to or using the results.

If you do not have the resources to do your own study, quote the findings of a recent study in your industry, and position your company as the clear choice based on their findings.

“Recent Study Finds 80% of Dieters Lose Less than 10 Pounds”

In the body: “Company X offers a full refund to all customers who haven’t lost at least 20 pounds after 3 months”


New Marketing Techniques

A unique marketing or advertising tactic you’ve used successfully. New and emerging advertising platforms work great here. There have been countless media stories about small businesses that have leveraged Twitter/Facebook in a unique way over the past few years.


New Product Use

Write a press release about a new use for your product that most people are unaware of. Another idea is to highlight a strange unintentional way your product is being used by your customers.


Newsworthy Employees

A story about the accomplishments or unique extra-curricular activities of one of your employees.


Overcoming Adversity

A story about the challenges you or your business has overcome.


Piggyback on Current Stories

Tie your product or service in with other current media stories. Watch for stories about your industry that are receiving media attention. Submit a follow-up story that expands on the original.

You may not have to submit a release here. When you see a story about your industry, simply call up the media outlet and offer to weigh in as an expert or source if they run any follow-up stories. This is a great way to build media contacts for future releases.


Sharing Your Knowledge with Others

Announce a seminar, course, or lecture you host, and how it helps those who attend.


Solve a Common Problem

Write a story about a growing problem, and how your product helps people stop having that problem.


Sticking Up for the Little Guys

Anything you’ve done to support small businesses, the less fortunate, or the average Joe in your community.


Strange Sells

Offer a strange product/service. One restaurant has their customers sign a legal waver before trying their insanely hot chicken wings.


Stunning Revelations

Make a shocking or controversial claim.


The Key to Your Businesses Success

Discover the reason your customers choose your over competitors, and use that to create a powerful press release. Business success stories are prominent across all media platforms.


Upcoming Events

Announce an upcoming event. If you host a popular recurring event, release a press release about the success of the event, and how the people who attend the event have benefited.



Your Unique Selling Proposition. What makes you unique from competitors? If you’re unique in any way it will make a great press release.


Why is the Sky Blue?

Write an article about how or why something in your industry is the way it is. Many media outlets reserve a certain amount of space in their paper for educational content, and competition for this space is far less than the competition for press releases.

A Chinese restaurant could write about the roots of Szechuan cooking. A financial consultant could write a story about what caused the recent economic downturn.


Your Personal Success Story

This works great if you’re from a small town. For the best result, include your hometown and/or university name in the title.


Your Philosophy

A story about your business philosophy and how it shapes the way your company operates.


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