Referral Ideas

What if every customer your marketing efforts brought in turned into three or four new customers?

The strategies below are designed to help your business achieve such a model. A marketing strategy without a referral component will never achieve outstanding results. A referral strategy must be built into every marketing plan.

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Affiliate Marketing

Pay people to market your products for you by giving them a percent of each sale they bring in. Join an online affiliate network which gives you access to people who want to promote your products.


Business Breakfast Clubs

Join a business breakfast club to network with other business owners and professionals that serve similar target markets.


Contact Past Customers

Call, mail, or email your entire customer base. Thank them for their business, ask how they are enjoying your product or service, and ask if they know anybody who may be able to benefit from your products/services.



Create some e-cards people can send to friends or family through your website.

They could tie into holidays and promote your business subtly with a design credit, or you could use them as a referral system.

For example, you could design several creative referral cards, and let the user choose which one they would like to send to a particular friend or family members e-mail address.


Join a Referral Network

Build or join a referral network consisting of non-competing businesses that agree to exclusively refer their customers to members of the group.



Offer “kickbacks” to other businesses who serve the same customer base you do.

For example, a website design company could offer a referral fee to any print shop that sends them a customer who purchases a website because both target the same customers (business owners).


New Customers

After you close a new sale, ask your new customer if any of their friends, family, or coworkers would be interested in the products or services you provide. Reinforce to them that your business is based on referrals, and thank them in advance for anyone they can refer your way.



Start a refer-a-friend campaign which rewards customers for sending you business.


Refer a Friend Discounts

Send two discounts with your invoice – one for the customer’s next order, and one that can only be redeemed by a friend.


Referral Jobs

Take a job at cost, or perhaps at a small loss, if you suspect they will refer you a lot of business.


Referral Point Systems

Create a point system, and offer points for each friend a person refers. Points can be redeemed for free merchandise, services, or prizes.


Referral Vouchers

Give out vouchers to each customer which offers a discount for any friend, family member, or coworker they give the voucher to.

You may consider adding a code to each voucher you give out which is specific to the customer you gave it to so you can track who is sending you referrals, and offer them the occasional thank you gift to encourage them to continue to do so.


Referrals via Networking

Ask everybody you meet if they know anybody who could use your services. Not only will you get a few good sales leads, people will think of you the next time somebody they know mentions needing that service/product.


Sales Territories

Offer exclusive sales territories to commission salespeople.


Two for One Days

Offer a two for one day to encourage your customers to introduce a friend to your business.

This is similar to Buy One Get One Free promotions, but with the stipulation that the freebie must be for a friend, which helps generate referrals.


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