Sampling Ideas

All marketing methods cost money -- and sampling is no exception. However, sampling often carries a much higher conversion rate than advertising.

This is because people who have tried your product are much likely to purchase it than those who have merely been told of its benefits.

Many of these strategies involve giving something away from free. The trick is to determine whether the advertising spots you pay for are more expensive per lead than potential freebees you could give away.

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Comparison Sampling

Offer a taste-test promotion where people compare two products. This could involve two of your products, or your product and a well-known competitor. This doesn’t have to involve food. Comparison sampling can work with almost any product, and even with many services.


Give Employees Samples to Give Away

Give your employees samples to give out to their friends and family. Even if you just give them brochures, make sure they carry a few in their car and stock a few at home. You never know whether their long-lost uncle could happen to run a business that uses a lot of your product/service.


In-Store Sampling

Encourage your customers to purchase a wider range of products or services from you by offering free samples inside your store or office.


Keep Your Friends Close, and Your Samples Closer

You should always have a sample or two on your person in case you meet a prospective client somewhere unexpected.


Partner with Complementary Businesses

Have complementary businesses offer free samples of your product to their customers.


Public Demonstrations

Demonstrate your product in action in a public setting. This could include a tradeshow, chamber of commerce luncheon, convention, or event.


Referral Sampling

Persuade your current customers to give samples to their friends, family, and coworkers. Ask every customer you do business with if they know anybody who would like a free sample.


Risk Free Sampling

Offer a 30/60/90-day risk free trial of your product or service. Offer a money-back guarantee to those that aren’t completely satisfied.


Sales via Sample Delivery

Salespeople with a free sample can generally get past the gatekeeper. "I've come to deliver this to Mr. Johnson, is he available?" Although, you should be pretty sure he's available or the receptionist will just take it and leave it for him.


Sampling By Mail

Send free samples through the mail to a list of qualified prospects. Most people have received little samples of shampoo or conditioner in the mail. If your product won’t fit in the mailbox, or is too heavy to mail, you could consider mailing a coupon that offered a free no-strings attached sample.


Sample Advertising

Advertise a free sample of your product/service in your newspaper, radio, direct mail or television advertisements.


Sampling at Events

Set up a sample booth at a large community event. If you sell children's products, you could set up an activity area.


Sampling By Challenge

Challenge people to do something, and provide a free sample of your product/service to anyone who completes the challenge. Or provide enough of your product or service to help them competes in the challenge, and then charge them to continue service.

A gym could do this by challenging people to lose 15 pounds in 30 days – with a free membership while they are participating in the challenge – and then bill the ones that stay on. Most gyms offer some type of free trial period or money back guarantee period anyway.


Sampling via Imagery

Paint a vivid picture in your prospects mind using words that help them envision themselves using the product (sampling without actually using the product).


Sidewalk Sampling

Have a staff member hand out free samples outside your front door to drive traffic into your store.


Teasers and Freebies

Create a list of things you can give away for free to land a big client.


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