Storefront Marketing Ideas

Turn your store or office front into a marketing machine. If you have even a modest amount of traffic in front of your business, your storefront should be set up to sell.

These ideas will help you capitalize on both pedestrians and vehicle traffic that pass by your store or office.

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Clean Your Storefront Regularly

Clean up outside your business every day at the same time of day. Wash your walls regularly and sweep the cigarette butts and leaves off the sidewalk. People who see you doing this regularly will perceive you as a hard worker. This can translate into a desire to do business with you and/or some positive word of mouth.


Control What Passers-By See

Change what is directly visible from the sidewalk or street. For example, place a certain item in your storefront display that will draw in people from your target market. A pet store placed two spider monkeys in their store window display to create a buzz.

Clothing stores wall up the area so they can create a special showcase. This approach is not widely used in other industries – but it probably should be because it has been proven over and over to work.



Hire entertainers to perform in front of your store, and find ways to drive the traffic they attract into your store.


Fun with Lights

Write a message on the sidewalk by shining a bright neon light through a stencil of words placed against your window.


Giveaway Tables

Place some coupons, low-cost giveaway items, samples, branded merchandise, or promotional giveaways, in front of your store on a table which says “TAKE ONE”.

If you run a pet store, place a bucket of dog treats in front of your store, with a sign indicating people may take a few for their dog. If you run a children’s store, place balloons outside your store for children.

Pick a giveaway that will appeal to your target market. Place a poster close-by indicating what services you provide, or promoting a current sale, special, or promotion.



Purchase a giant inflatable version of your product that towers above your store.



Write daily jokes or news in your store window or on your sign. Using fun and constantly changing messages will help encourage people to read your sign or store window every time they pass by.

Switch it up with the odd promotional message from time to time, or use a supplementary device close-by to do some selling once the eyes are pointed in that direction.



Place a list of the products or services you provide right in your window If you run a restaurant, put a large version of your menu right in your window so that people have tangible reasons to walk-in for the first time.



Hire a mascot to dress up and perform some type of activity in front of your store to attract attention.


Neon Lights

Draw attention to your storefront using neon lights. Be sure to put up a secondary device such as a promotional poster to educate people what you do once you have their attention.


Neon Sign

Purchase a neon sign that says exactly what you sell. Neon signs are extremely visible, especially at night. As a result, people are more likely to think of you first when they need that product/service.


Network in Front of Your Business

Instead of sitting inside the whole day, set up a hot dog stand, coffee bar, or information booth outside your business, and do some networking. This is a great way to get to know the people in your area.


Promotional Window Posters

Place a promotional poster in your window promoting a special offer or your unique selling proposition.


Promotional Window Stickers

Place stickers in your window that educate customers what you do, and why they should do business with you.


Sandwich Boards

Purchase a sandwich board and place a strong offer on it that attracts first time customers.


Secondary Signage

Buy a second sign and place it in a high traffic area to gain some extra visibility.


Sorry We’re Closed

Right beside your "CLOSED" sign, put a special offer up for anybody who visits tomorrow, and mentions the ad.



Purchase a new sign that conveys the primary reason your customers should do business with you (Your USP)


Storefront Promotions

Dress up your store display for a week with balloons, colourful signs, decorations, neon lights, and other visual items to promote a special event, and draw attention to your store.

People often pass by the same store daily without really taking notice of it. Come up with a week long event that gives you an excuse to really draw attention to your storefront.


Window Wraps

Purchase a window wrap – a giant sticker that spans your entire window, but still allows people to still see out from the inside. Window wraps often use vivid imagery, and can really draw attention to your business and help you create a strong brand.


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